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mardi 12 juin 2012 | graphisme

Coup de gueule du jour !
J’ai acheté Coda 2 via l’App Store d’Apple et comme beaucoup d’utilisateurs, je constate que l’application n’est pas très stable…
L’éditeur Panic a réagi assez rapidement en proposant une update en 2.0.1 le 4 juin 2012, hélas (malgré une marge assez importante sur les ventes), la mise en ligne de cette version tarde, un processus de validation un peu trop long à mon goût.
Bref, la prochaine fois je ne passerais pas par l’App Store !

*completely* get that this is not Panic’s problem, but… I’m really regretting my decision to go with the Mac App Store version of Coda 2. A week later and an X.0.1 update for one of Apple’s flagship third-party apps hasn’t gotten approval? And Apple, Inc. has « closed down for the week » for WWDC, meaning I’ve got Coda crashes for two weeks after an update is available.

Definitely not cool.

src : http://groups.google.com/group/coda-users/msg/daaf33bab2ac86b7

Thanks for sending diagnostic information about this Coda 2 error. It’s very helpful to us!

It appears you’re running an out-of-date version of Coda 2. This error just might be fixed in the latest release, 2.0.1, which is available now from our website.

** ATTENTION MAC APP STORE CUSTOMERS: This update will be available to you just as soon as Apple approves it. **

Though we submit updates to the App Store on the same day they’re released to direct customers, Apple’s review process can sometimes delay things by a few days/weeks.


– The Coda 2 Team at Panic Inc.

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