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22 mai 2007 | vrac | 0 commentaire


For starters…

My first message… I don’t really feel as if I was being baptized, but since I’m really new to the concept of blogs, this is still a real « premiere » !

I guess I have to stick to the title of my page, so I’m going to tell you about something I enjoyed on the net. How surprising, it’s another blog !


Of course by giving you this address I confess my lack of inspiration when it came to naming my blog… whatever. I kind of like the result, and who cares if I « inspired » myself from someone else’s idea !
Back to jaiunblog.com : as you will see, it consists mainly in a collection of artistic / funny / wacked videos that the admins have gathered. I’ll let you take a look at some of them, there is some really hilarious stuff, but also things more impressive in terms of graphic design.