ok go

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Très fort ok go ! Pythagora Switch puissance 1000 ^^’

avec plaisir j’ajoute celle-ci

et pour conclure the way things go

Lu sur wikipedia :

Copyright dispute with Honda
In May 2003, Fischli and Weiss threatened legal action against Honda over similarities between the Cog commercial and The Way Things Go. The artists felt that the ad’s creators had « obviously seen » their film, and should have consulted them. They had refused several requests to use the film for commercial purposes.[3] Honda’s advertising firm Wieden+Kennedy eventually admitted to copying a sequence of weighted tires rolling uphill. The controversy was blamed for denying Cog a Grand Prix at the 2004 Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival.[4]


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staying alive | turnon tv

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TurnonTV vous propose des spots télévisés à la fois sexy, drôles, dramatiques et vraiment bizarres réalisés par quelques-unes des agences publicitaires les plus créatives au monde